Waste not want not as new recycling initiative builds success

Recycling of general waste from landlord owned public areas is hitting new highs as part of a new ‘zero waste to landfill’ project at Hillington Park.

External litter bins around the estate, as well as those in the busy retail centre, are seeing around 98% of the collected waste being successfully recycled in an initiative managed by MAPP, the estate management team, and Enva the waste management company.

In addition, general waste from the office development at Cameron Court is also being recycled as part of the initiative.

Lisa McAlinden, MAPP’s estate manager at Hillington Park said: “We’re achieving really positive results from the public areas and we’d like to see that extend further by offering advice and support to every businesses on the estate to help them improve their levels of waste recycling.

“We’re also increasing our efforts to combat flytipping across the estate. Every week our team is removing dumped items and are determined to address the problem. Anyone spotting flytipping should report it to the MAPP team on site and we’ll take the necessary measures promptly.”

For further information Hillington Park based businesses should contact [email protected]

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