Our future commitment
Frasers Property stands for building happier and more sustainable places and communities.

We understand the importance of wellbeing and efficiency within your business and aim to support our customers by providing a framework for a sustainable and happy communities across our portfolio, contributing to growth and productivity within your business. We are committed to enhancing the condition of our buildings and business parks to support our customers and align with their ESG (or CSR) goals.

We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2050 aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative.

At Hillington Park we are committed to

All members of staff are regularly trained on all areas of sustainability including waste management, energy use, biodiversity, the environment and much more.
Renewable Energy
All energy used in managed areas on the business park solely come from wind, solar or hydro sources.
We work closely with our suppliers to have areas of biodiversity across the park. There is a wildflower meadow onsite which attracts smaller wildlife habitats. As our development projects continue we will add similar areas in appropriate places.
Carbon Neutral
We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2050 aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative.
Responsible Resourcing
Prioritising the reuse and procurement of recycled materials.
Rethinking Sustainability is structured around three core areas: consuming responsibly, focusing on people and acting progressively. We employ a disciplined approach to CSR and sustainability management and operate in line with mandatory legislation.
  • We are committed to reducing our consumption of the Earth’s limited resources and preserving them for future generations.
  • We are committed to creating a positive impact on our business communities and the local communities in which we operate.
  • We are committed to incorporating innovative solutions and sustainability criteria into the way we operate our business park.
In 2019 and 2020 we completed:

  • Energy consumption tracking in multi-occupied buildings.
  • Increased the number of electric car charging points.
  • Installed end of trip cycling facilities.
  • Undertook air quality testing on all multi-occupied buildings.
  • Taps, shower heads and WCs upgraded in managed areas to water conserving equipment.
  • All multi-let occupied buildings now source electricity from 100% renewable sources.

In 2021 we are
committed to:

  • Completing climate change risk assessments and implementing the recommendations.
  • Install more electric car charging points.
  • Implement a sustainable travel plan.
  • Achieve BREEAM certifications on select buildings.

Responsible environment
Renewable electricity
procured on site
Electric Vehicle charging points
Bird Boxes
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