Earth Day Embraced at Hillington Park
Staff from Hillington Park’s estate office joined millions of others across the world by embracing Earth Day.

The team also decided to go even further and rolled out a week long programme of activity in support of the global environmental initiative that saw colleagues collect litter, travel by public transport and improve the Park’s biodiversity by planting new shrubs.

As well as carrying out their own efforts, the group reached out to occupiers across the Park to share a range of positive messages that could have a significant impact on reducing their environmental footprint.

Louise O’Connell, Marketing Manager said: “Each day had its own theme and we concentrated on undertaking a positive action for each.  For example, on the first day we looked at power efficiency and reducing excess use of energy in our own office.  Our sustainable transport day saw colleagues travelling to work using only public transport and on our litter picking day we cleared hidden areas of the Park of large amounts of litter.

“During each of these days we also used our social media channels to share what we did with other occupiers and highlighted simple tasks they could undertake to reduce their own environmental impact.  Things like reminding people to turn off lights or computer screens when not needed, recycle properly and move away from single use cups whenever possible.

“We have other plans too for later this year to keep the momentum going.  We are going to be creating new biodiversity areas that will be home to new insect friendly plants and flowers and also welcoming two new bee hives next month.”

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