New CCTV system
As home to more than 500 businesses of varying sizes operating across a wide range of sectors and employing more than 8,000 people, Hillington Park is Scotland’s largest business estate and with that brings many tasks for the hard working estate management team.

One of those tasks, in partnership with SecuriGroup, one of the largest security companies in the UK, is the operation of a site security service which includes 24 hour CCTV monitoring and ‘on the ground’ team that patrols the 419 acre site in highly visible vehicles. 

The estate recently installed an expanded and state of the art CCTV system providing a significant upgrade from the previous system and we met up with Estate Manager, Lisa McAlinden and David Waddell, Technical Director for SecuriGroup to find out more.


The new system sounds very impressive but what’s different about it from the previous one?

Lisa:  The previous CCTV set up operated using an analogue system and its been completely replaced with a new wireless system that is a modern cloud solution which is not only monitored by a 24hr central operations centre but it also gives our on-site security manager and staff on the ground real-time access to the CCTV images.  We’re very excited too with the system’s new built-in artificial intelligence technology which is now able to detect and alert to issues on site


As well as the new technology being used in the system we’ve also added a lot more cameras too.  How many cameras do we now have?

Lisa: We now have 158 cameras across the estate which is a really significant step up for the estate’s security and something we know the businesses welcome.


Six of the new cameras are solar powered ‘Pan, Tilt, and Zoom’ designs. That sounds very innovative! Do they have a specific function from the other 152 cameras?

David: The new solar powered PTZ cameras allow us to provide additional coverage in the Park where we previously didn’t. They provide the same high definition quality as the other new cameras on site, and also have the same built in advanced analytics to allow the cameras to detect movement in these areas.


The whole project sounds like there would have been a lot of planning and expertise involved so how long did it take to finally complete the transition?

Lisa – yes, we worked closely with SecuriGroup to plan the new system and make sure the specification was not only fit for purpose for the current, vibrant business estate but also provided simple scalability for further expansion should the need arise.  

David: SecuriGroup has been the CCTV maintenance provider at the Park for a number of years so we had great knowledge in the capabilities and limitations of the previous system and infrastructure. The site management team had always been innovative minded and security conscious, so once the design and consultation process was completed and the new solution approved the new system was fully operational within 12-weeks.


We also have a security team on the ground too, so how do they work with the team that monitors the CCTV feed?

David: The new system is cloud-based which means that our ground-based team also have the ability to access, control, and monitor the new CCTV system using professional viewing software on their PC at the site’s base. We also monitor it remotely at our 24hr Security Operations Centre, and in the event of an incident requiring escalation, it will alert and direct on-site and mobile response teams to deal with the incident.


If something goes wrong with any of the cameras how quickly do they get fixed?

David – The new system is fully supported by SecuriGroup’s 24hr response service. As such, in the event of an issue with the system, a SecuriGroup Systems engineer will be on site to resolve any issue within a matter of a hours. Health checks are also carried out by the Security Operations Centre, allowing for any issue to be detected and dealt with before it becomes an issue.


And finally, if an occupier sees something of concern what’s the best action they should take?

Lisa – The estate’s security team is not an alternative to the police. They provide important eyes and ears for the estate, 24 hours a day, and have a very good relationship with the police and other emergency services and will report matters of concern when they come to their attention.

We would encourage anyone who sees, or is aware of, any criminal activity on the estate to contact the police straightaway.  After reporting the matter to the police we would appreciate a call to our security team to let them know too so they can keep their on-site activity under constant review.

If any business on the estate is unsure about what action they should take they can contact the security team who will advise them on the best course of action.

Police Scotland’s contact number is 101 and 999 for emergencies. The estate’s security team can be reached on 07947 595115.

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