Lights, camera, expansion!
An ambitious business that builds scenery for theatres, TV shows and movies is the latest company to move onto Hillington Park as it looks 'set' to grow across the media and entertainment industries across the UK. 

Formed in 2015, Pretty Scenic’s move into a 10,000 sq ft unit at Northpoint on Gordon Avenue will bring greater capacity to build sets in timber and metal and will see those creations painted and scenically finished in one location. They employ a diverse range of talented people from prop makers to scenic artists, from steel fabricators to skilled carpenters and crafts people. 

The company has many well-known production roles to its name including building a hotel suite for “THE WIFE” starring Glenn Close who was Oscar Nominated for the role in 2019. It also looked after the set builds for ‘Atlanta’, an American comedy drama television series created by Golden Globe winner Donald Glover.  

Kieran Shellard, Director of Pretty Scenic said: “We’ve worked on a wide range of productions in theatres and out on location, including many high profile ones. The business is growing, and we needed more space to accommodate that expansion. With our new facility at Hillington Park we are able to bring a lot more under one roof. Its location also gives us quick access to the road network which lets us reach customers easier than before. The move lets us do what we’ve been doing well since 2015, but even bigger and better.” 

Derek Aitken, Senior Asset Manager at Hillington Park, said: “We are delighted to welcome Pretty Scenic to the Hillington Park business community and they bring with them a highly skilled team with a great reputation. Their need for a larger, better quality unit is a testament to their success and ambition. We were able to work closely with them to identify the right property at the right price and with a quick date of entry. Pretty Scenic have wasted no time in getting up and running from the new unit and we look forward to watching their continued progress.”

Ryden and Colliers acted for Hillington Park.

For further information on Pretty Scenic, please visit: www.prettyscenic.com

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