Hillington Park travel plan update

Thanks to everyone who recently took the time to contribute to the research carried out by Connected Transport Planning to allow them to bring the Park’s Travel Plan up to date.  


We now have an important ‘snapshot’ of how people who work at Hillington Park currently travel to and from their place of employment and an understanding of what barriers there are – both short and long term – to increasing sustainable modes like walking, cycling and public transport.


The larger infrastructure issues identified are challenges facing the whole country but the Plan does set out a number of 5 year objectives which the Frasers Property UK team will progress in support of its sustainability targets and encouraging alternative travel options. 


From a local perspective we can act quickly on some aspects that can improve pedestrian flow and safety and indeed are already doing so with the installation of a new Pelican pedestrian crossing on Queen Elizabeth Avenue for commuters using the Hillington West train station and pedestrians coming from Penilee.


Sustainability and environmental impacts are also embedded in all of our new developments and refurbishment programmes on the estate.  For example, our design specifications target a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainability accreditation which include, where possible, the installation of EV charging points and upgrades to footpaths and extension of cycle paths in the vicinity to enhance accessibility and safety for pedestrians.


Mark Rinkus from Connected Transport Planning said: “We worked really hard with the Hillington Park management team to engage with occupiers and their people and are very grateful to all who took part in the survey. The Park supports over 6,500 staff and a wide range of businesses so to achieve meaningful engagement the survey approach included a combination of digital and face to face engagement combined with a media marketing campaign to achieve the largest survey sample.  The results provide an insight into the factors influencing everyday journeys made by staff by car and the tasks faced by businesses adjusting to flexible working post pandemic.”


Grant Edmondson, Commercial Director at Hillington Park added: “Having an up-to-date Travel Plan not only provides a snapshot of how people travel to work and attitudes towards alternative options, but also helps shape our plans for new developments and other initiatives to address future travel behaviour and more sustainable travel modes.”


You can view the Travel Plan here: https://www.hillingtonpark.com/sustainability/ 

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