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One of the most interesting aspects of life at Hillington Park is the diverse range of businesses that have chosen to locate here.

From transport & last mile logistics, automotive, and construction services through to manufacturing, engineering, trade counter, technology, and the health sector there is a vast range of organisations successfully operating from the estate.

There are also many ‘niche’ businesses based here that are attracted to the Park’s central location and ease of access for customers, suppliers, and employees alike.

One of those specialist businesses, a recent arrival to our new West 200 development, is Club Champion, a custom golf club building company which has already welcomed customers from across the UK and Europe to Hillington Park.

We caught up with Joe Hughes, Club Champion’s first Scotland manager, to find out a bit more about the business and why Hillington Park was the perfect place to open their first Scottish outlet.

First off, tell us what Club Champion is all about?

Most golfers are very competitive and very ambitious and amateur golfers are no different. They want to improve their game, shoot lower scores, and ultimately get more enjoyment from playing.  We help them do that by providing a custom golf club building service which is essentially a tour level fitting experience for golfers of every level. 

With the advancement of equipment, and access to it, like launch monitors, radar technology and the development of adjustable fitting clubs and new shaft technology we can provide the very best, completely personalised, golf clubs to any golfer be they at the top of the game, starting out or anywhere in between.

And what about your own background, have you been involved with golf for a long time?

I am a PGA Golf Professional with over 20 years’ experience in the industry so know the game inside and out and have worked with golfers at every level over that time and now I’m now in the exciting position of Club Champion’s first Scotland Manager. 

The new radar technology sounds intriguing, how does that work?

We use it during the fitting process which means we can get the most accurate illustration of the player’s swing, position, and power.  The data is compared to over 50,000 hittable demo combinations – which is unique – and then we build the clubs in-house at our tour quality build shop at Hillington Park.  

Would you say there is a typical customer?

We don’t really have a typical customer, so to speak!  We work with all levels of golfer from the Tour professional to the weekend warrior. The common feature amongst all of our customers is a desire to improve their golf game and shoot lower scores.  

We anticipated that our main customer base would be from the West of Scotland but since we opened we have had customers travelling to Hillington Park from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester, London and even the Netherlands! 

And talking about Hillington Park, what was it that made you decide to open Scotland’s first Club Champion here?

Firstly, the location.  The Park is very easy to get to, situated just off the M8 motorway and close to Glasgow Airport for some of our further travelled customers.  Secondly, the new industrial units at West 200 were a big plus for us. It gave us purpose-built office space, private parking and a secure yard which were all features we were looking for.

For further information visit: https://clubchampiongolf.co.uk

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