Business Q&A with Louise O’Connell
We caught up with Louise O’Connell, Hillington Park’s Travel Plan Manager to find out more about the key issues she will be focusing on throughout the rest of the year.

Q: Tell us a little about your role and what areas you will be working on this year?

As Travel Plan Manager, I am working on sustainable travel options for people on the Park. Our aim is to give employees and visitors a real choice in how they travel to and from the estate in order to make it as efficient, easy and sustainable as possible. So far we have completed research into pay as you go electric cars, have delivered a car sharing scheme and we’re exploring other options. At the moment, I’m focusing on our two train stations and how they can be improved to ensure a safer and more attractive access as well as environment to and from the estate.

Q: Can you expand on what exactly needs done at each of train stations.

I can. Recently, I took surveys from rail users at both Hillington East and Hillington West to get feedback in order to identify their main concerns. We are now using the results as a supporting document during our conversations with Network Rail and ScotRail regarding improving the conditions and standards of the stations.

We know that both stations are dated, more frequent trains services would be ideal and both stations need bigger shelters, but now we have detailed information on what users feel are the top issues.

Q: What are the main issues with Hillington East?

There are major concerns with the lighting, the walkway to and from the station, lack of ticket machine and the small shelters on the platform. Also, the ticket office on westbound platform is only operational in the morning which causes a further inconvenience.

Q: And Hillington West?

Similarly, the walkways and platform raises the most concern.

Q: Now you know the main issues, what can you do to improve the conditions of the stations?

We are proactively working with Network Rail and ScotRail. We met with both organisations in March and discussed our survey results. The meeting resulted in an action list being produced and we will work together on delivering improvements for rail users.

Q: Were there any other issues arising from the surveys?

Yes, there are quite a few parking issues close to both stations. We’re now speaking to the local authorities about this and together we’re looking at options to reduce impact on traffic and pedestrians at each station.

Q: Potholes on many of the roads are often raised as a problem. Are you doing anything about them?

This is a major concern that the team are working on. We are actively reporting potholes within the adoptive road networks of the local authorities for repair work to be completed and we are also carrying out repairs on our road ownership.

Q: If someone has further questions how can they get in contact with you?

I would be delighted to help with any queries or questions about the travel options on the estate. I can be contacted by email on [email protected] or give me a call on 0141 891 8294.

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