COVID-19 Update
Here at Hillington Park, we aim to keep business moving forward during this difficult time and remain fully committed to providing an ongoing service to clients across all areas of our business. We will be reviewing and monitoring developments continuously, and finding new ways to collaborate with our colleagues and customers across the globe.

As we aim to adapt to working in both this very disruptive and fast changing time, our main priority is the safety and well-being of all our occupiers, staff and their families. From last week, we introduced strict measures in line with UK government advice and introduced new hygiene, social distancing and pre-meeting screening protocols in all our workplaces as well as finding new ways to operate remotely. The facilities management teams are working shift patterns in between the office and home. They are still fully contactable on all the usual phone numbers:

Finally we would like to express our sympathies to everyone who has been affected and continues to be affected by the COVID-19 virus. We would also like to show our support to the key workers including doctors, nurses and teachers who are working tirelessly across the country.
Share your Hillington memories to celebrate 80th anniversary
The 80th anniversary of Hillington Park will be celebrated this year and we’re looking for stories and memories for a special edition of the Hillington Herald in autumn.

The Park which opened in 1938, has been home to thousands of workers in the last eight decades many with unique and interesting anecdotes about work and life here.

Scotland’s first industrial estate, Hillington Park doubled in size in 1939 after Air Ministry war planners decided to set up a ‘shadow’ aero engine manufacturing facility for the Rolls Royce Merlin engines that powered the Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes.

At its peak, the Rolls Royce factory employed 25,000 people, turning out 400 engines each week – a total of 23,500 engines, or 14% of the total Merlin production. Although German reconnaissance photographed the facility, the factory was never targeted by bombers, and it was only in 2003 that Rolls Royce began a two-year operation to close its Hillington factory.

Today, we are home to 8,500 employees working in a range of sectors including our automotive services cluster, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and food and drink.

We would love to hear your stories about working, setting up your business or maybe even meeting your partner right here on the Park!

Please contact Louise O’Connell with your memories on 0141 891 8294 or by email at

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