Park businesses optimistic about the future
A survey of Hillington Park businesses has shown that 94% of companies on the Park have a positive outlook for their business over the next 12 months.

As we’ve gone to print, the data also shows that a majority are keen to invest and expand, with 73% of companies believing they will increase their turnover over the year, and 65% planning to invest in their business.

Furthermore, 59% want and expect to increase their staff levels by 2015.

Of those organisations that export products and services, a majority felt that the level of goods they export would either remain the same or increase.

Jamie Cumming, Commercial Director, Hillington Park said: “Hillington Park is one of Scotland’s largest business parks and is home to a diverse community across a wide spread of sectors. We firmly believe that the Park is a microcosm of the whole Scottish economy and wanted to learn more about those based here and their shared outlook for the next twelve months.

“The results of our survey so far have been extremely encouraging and show that companies on the Park are looking to the future with a positive outlook. While it’s been a tough few years for the economy, the businesses here are predicting success and growth over the coming year which is fantastic and a wonderful statement of intent by the business community on the Park.”

Watch out for our full survey report coming soon.

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