Location is key for specialist lighting company

Experience on famous movies like Trainspotting 2 and Les Misérables, and much-loved Scottish productions like Taggart and Rab C Nesbitt are ideal credentials for a specialist lighting business operating in the exciting Film & Television industry.

And in 2019, Paul Bates decided the time was right to take his 25 years of expertise gained from working as a Best Boy (a senior electrician on a film crew) on popular productions and start building a new business, Quay Light, to supply specialist LED lighting equipment to productions across the UK. 

Despite the impact that the enforced lockdown had on many businesses, Quay Light remained busy as demand for film and TV productions surged and Paul and his wife Laura continued to grow the business. The result was a need for more commercial space and a move to a 3,515 sq ft unit at Kelvin Gate, Hillington Park.

Paul Bates said: “The business reached a stage that it needed much larger premises so we needed a location that would accommodate our needs right now but with one eye on future growth. Because our clients are located all over the UK we also needed excellent transport links to the motorway network and the airport and that’s what Hillington Park gives us.”

Derek Aitken, senior asset manager at Hillington Park said: “Hillington Park was built on manufacturing and engineering but in the modern day appeals to businesses from a wide and ever-expanding range of business and industry. This is perfectly illustrated by Quay Light because it is an ambitious company operating in a very exciting and high-profile sector.  Our location lets them service their clients efficiently because it’s right in the heart of central Scotland and with easy access to the rest of the UK.”

Ryden and Colliers are joint letting agents at Hillington Park

For more information on Quay Lighting visit:  www.quaylight.com

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