View From the Park with Grant Edmondson
It’s great to be back at Hillington Park. The regeneration story continues and there is a lot of new development work underway.

A significant, rolling modernisation programme is being delivered and we are seeing businesses located here expanding and new occupiers moving in. We remain a really diverse business park with a wide spread of sectors based here covering just about all sectors of the Scottish economy.

In 2014, Hillington Park gained SPZ (Simplified Planning Zone) status; this simplifies and streamlines the planning process allowing construction projects to be fast tracked and delivered quicker.

Our latest new build project, which completed this month Evolution Court, is a great example of the SPZ benefits. The £6m scheme, which completed last month, has delivered four units ranging in size from 17,728 sq ft to 23,950 sq ft targeted at the logistics and manufacturing sectors at a point when there is a lack of supply in the Glasgow market.

We’ve also seen a positive impact of our SPZ with Jaguar and Volvo building new modern showrooms and just next door to them West-Coast Harley Davidson, Ducati Glasgow and Triumph Glasgow creating a sizeable motor trade hub alongside Peter Vardy and Arnold Clark. All are bringing a highly skilled workforce as well as creating new jobs through their expansion.

Hillington Park holds a strong appeal on account of its great location and transport accessibility but also because our buildings fit the demands of a wide variety of businesses.  We also have a significant number of sites for bespoke development opportunities too.  It has also always been recognised as being in a prime business location in the heart of the busiest part of Scotland and I’m looking forward to working with my new colleagues to keep that reputation strong and continuing to have a strong impact on the local economy.

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