Scotland's first Simplified Planning Zone

We are home to Scotland’s first Simplified Planning Zone. With approved guidelines firmly in place there is now pre-defined planning permission for the entire Park.

These clear development parameters mean that from an initial meeting, we can deliver a new custom-built building in less than 10 months.

With every organisation having its own unique property and business needs, our development expertise allows us to provide an exact match that includes choice of location, build requirements and interior environment. This flexibility extends to our lease terms as well, giving our design and build customers al the security they need to plan for the future with confidence.

An exciting process,
a proven method

Visit Hillington Park, Scotland’s largest Buisness Park

Easy to access and set in over 417 acres with a gym, nursery, cafe and 24 hour security.

Discuss your specialist requirements

A flagship building with facilities to suit your company’s style and character.

Jointly recruit the Design Team

A bespoke design by a team you can trust.

Construction of your building

Construction of your building to ensure quality and flexibility.

SPZ Smart Project

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